Passing on Your Legacy

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A lifetime’s hard work, sacrifice and compromise is worth protecting. The last thing you need to have is the value of your work needlessly diminished. Here’s where an estate plan can help.

The latest statistics tell us that more than 45% of Australians don’t have a valid Will.

More and more in our aging population we are seeing the emergence of blended families as unfortunately 40% of first marriages and 50% of second marriages end in divorce. Blended families make the distribution of estate assets far more difficult and they have the potential to split families over the distribution of the estate.

Often it is difficult for clients to discuss estate planning matters as it is a recognition of our mortality, however the issues that are addressed in a properly considered estate plan will enable you to have a say on how your assets are distributed. We have all seen the problems that have been left behind to loved ones where no Will exists. Without a valid Will your assets could be distributed in a way contrary to your preferences.

Principal Partners advisers are expert at guiding you through the various elements of estate planning such as Wills, Powers of Attorney, the Executor and Testamentary Trusts etc. As your estate planning preferences become clearer, we can introduce you to a suitably qualified professional who will work with us to formalise your estate plan according to your wishes.

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