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A Better Way Forward

Not everyone has the time and market insight to make smart investment choices. Successful investment requires thorough research and diligent active management to ensure your portfolio is adapting to the fast paced world we now live in.

Our Portfolio Service comprises directly held investments with a professionally managed asset allocation. The allocation is based on the specific rules of management charter, which is determined by an Investment Committee.

The Portfolio Service allows us to manage your portfolio at our limited discretion, based on your investment strategy, while you maintain beneficial ownership of the investments. The Investment Committee, using their experience and expertise, retains the right to change your portfolio, with your authority.

The ability to rebalance your portfolio (based on predetermined rules) provides the optimum framework for your financial portfolio and its underlying assets. Our experience has taught us that these correctly established portfolio construction methods, consistently assist in enhancing your potential for achieving your lifestyle goals, during good times and bad.

Principal Partners

Our Investment Principles

Our proven investment philosophy sets the foundation for successfully managing your financial assets.

At Principal Partners we believe that four key principles drive superior long term investment performance:

  1. Portfolio asset allocation
  2. Selecting, managing and blending professional investment managers and/or investment types
  3. The requirement for a rules-based investment mandate, controlling asset choice and future challenges
  4. Alternative assets and their value within a portfolio

Successful asset management demands appropriate responses to the many economic changes and market fluctuations that occur around us. At Principal Partners, these responses depend upon the operative measures and procedures that we have established and specifically outlined as part of your portfolio.

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Principal Partners put your needs first and proactively seek to build a solid asset base that will meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

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