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In a world where so much is the same, it makes sense to choose a financial adviser that is different from the rest. Principal Partners is a privately owned financial planning firm with a hands-on approach to wealth management. Working by your side, we put your needs first and proactively seek to build a solid asset base that will meet your financial and lifestyle goals.

The origins of Principal Partners date back to 1980 and in 1999 a joint venture was formed with BDO (Previously Horwarth) to provide wealth management solutions to their clients. Throughout this period the core business partners have remained together. In early 2012 when Grant Thornton acquired BDO Accounting practice in Melbourne, this enabled the directors of Principal Partners to acquire the wealth Management arm of BDO and implement our business vision with greater clarity.

With over three decades of experience, we’ve learned a lot about people and what drives them. This knowledge underpins each of our wealth creation strategies and sets us apart from others in the field.


Creating lasting wealth means achieving specific outcomes in line with your lifestyle and financial goals. Principal Partners works with you to develop a flexible, strategic financial plan that supports your current and future needs. Through Ongoing management, monitoring and measuring, we help maintain your financial security using a consistent approach and proven principles.

Principal Partners Prosperity Diagram

Five Steps to Prosperity & Freedom

1. Introduction Meeting Analysis

During the discovery and engagement phase of our meeting, we discuss and document key elements of your unique financial position so we can develop the most appropriate strategy for your future.

2. Evaluation & Development of Strategies

Time is devoted to evaluating the best options for creating your long term financial security and developing the optimum short, medium and long term position for you.

3. Presentation of Recommendations

At this second meeting, we present our analysis of your circumstances and strategy for your review and consideration, we also set out the various steps in the process.

4. Acceptance and Implementation

Following your approval, including any amendments, your strategy moves to the implementation phase, which includes a detailed statement of advice, followed by your final sign off.

5. Ongoing Management and Reporting

As time passes and your plan continues to deliver value, we monitor its performance, report on results and provide any additional guidance or recommendations for adjustments.

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Principal Partners put your needs first and proactively seek to build a solid asset base that will meet your financial and lifestyle goals.